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Product # 209450

LE  Price $  (Safe-Semi-Full)

The HK MP7 and the 4.6 x 30mm family of high performance ammunition were developed to provide penetration and lethality approaching that of an assault rifle in a package small and portable enough to be carried like a handgun. Adopted by the German special operations unit KSK or Kommando Spezialkräfte in 2002, the MP7 is now available to U.S. military and law enforcement organizations.

The small, lightweight MP7 (less than four pounds loaded) is capable of penetrating modern body armor, including that of the former Soviet Bloc special forces, now the standard NATO test target. (CRISAT)

Vests like these are now commonly found in the hands of terrorists and criminals and make conventional pistol caliber weapons ineffective.

The MP7 can be fired with one or two hands, or from the shoulder using a sturdy retractable buttstock. It handles like a pistol, yet allows targets to be engaged like a rifle. A folding vertical foregrip allows the weapon to be fired with excellent controllability to increase hit probability at all ranges. With its seven inch barrel, the HK MP7 is capable of firing 10 shot semiautomatic groups at 45 meters of less than 2 inches.


Product # 090040   LE  Price $ (S-F trigger group)


MP5A3  9mm (Tactical Light Extra)

Product # 090019   LE  Price $ (Navy Trigger group)


Product #  081200   LE Price  $ (Navy group and barrel)


Product  # 089999    LE  Price $ (3-RB trigger group)


Product #  090909   LE Price  $ (Navy group and barrel)


Product # 090016   LE Price  $ (SEF trigger group)


G36C(NT)  Compact, 8.9" barrel,  .223 includes upper rail only

Product # 218433 (gun and top rail only)  LE Price  $

(Navy Group)



G36K (NT)  12.5" barrel  .223 (Dual Sight Extra)

Product # 209072  LE Price  $

(Navy Group)


G36 rifle,  18.9" barrel,  .223 caliber

Product number 702835

LE Price  $ (top sight not included, rail only)

(Navy Group)


UMP  .45 (also available in .40 and 9mm)

Product number 701464 (UMP .45)  ---  Product number 701469 (UMP .40)

LE Price  $


HK53A3   Limited Availability

Product number 090203

LE Price  $

(3-RB trigger group)



Product number  094000

LE Price  $

(sales limited to current HK21 users)


 PSG-1 Sniper

Product number 015010

LE Price  $

(includes 6x illuminated scope and aluminum case) 

     Complete line of firearms, accessories and parts.
By the way, "Koch" is pronounced "coke", for those that really care!
Full line of pistols and select fire machine guns for law enforcement, as well as sear gun conversion parts and trigger groups for title 2 weapons.

All  NFA  Rules  Apply.


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Sale Items | LE PhotosMilitary Photos